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Tuesday 14 Nov: Hybrid threats and the Arctic

On Tuesday 14 Nov Hybrid CoE will organize session called Hybrid threats and the Arctic

The Arctic has long been seen as an exceptional zone of regional cooperation. Since Russia invaded Ukraine a lot has changed raising many questions about the future of the European Arctic region. This year, Russia has deleted mentions that reflect cooperation with the Arctic 7 from its Arctic strategy, and has announced new partnerships with China. Will hybrid threats increase as a result of these developments? What forms could malign activities take? By what means will China pursue influence in and over the Arctic?

Hybrid CoE is an autonomous, network-based international organization countering hybrid threats. This is the first time Hybrid CoE is partnering with the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference.

Joining to a discussion are
• Thomas Nilsen, Editor, The Barents Observer
• Dr. Gaëlle Rivard Piché, Defence scientist, Defence Research and Development Canada
• Dr. Abbie Tingstad, Arctic Research Professor, Center for Arctic Study and Policy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
• Tero Vauraste, Senior Advisor, Nordicwestoffice, Global Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center.

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