Pre-events at Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit

It is a busy week in Rovaniemi! Check out the pre-events for Monday 15th November

Here are some good reasons to check out Rovaniemi in November, as week 46 boasts not only Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit but also pre-events on Monday 15th! In a recent update on the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit homepage you can find more information about these pre-events. 

Interested in knowing more about the JUSTNORTH Conference, ARCTIC ADAPTATION – COLLABORATION SUPER WEEK or Urban Sustainability through the Arctic Mayors’ Forum: Part 1?

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Arctic development of the past is persistent in inequitable practices, leaving scars from the impacts of social, economic and environmental inequality. In addition, Arctic development of today is occurring alongside the adverse effects of climate change within an integrated global system deficient in mechanisms for incentivising just transitions toward sustainable development. With the goal of enhancing the governance capacity of the EU to mitigate this problem, JUSTNORTH brings together 13 partners from 7 disciplines to evaluate the viability of Arctic economic activities.

The conference is open and free of charge to stakeholders, academic participants and anyone interested in the topic. The event will occur both virtually and in person. Registration is now open: Register here (Registration is needed for both onsite and online participation) and check out the program here!


The ACAF-project organizes three events prior to the Arctic Spirit 2021 conference taking place at Rovaniemi on November 16-17, 2021.

The events are:

  • International workshop on climate change and multiple use of forest
  • How to Survive in the Arctic? Collaborate! ACAF final seminar
  • Night at the Arctic – Adaptation dinner

Participants are welcome to join the event in person for all three events, and also via internet for the events 1 and 2. Please register for all events before 5.11.2021. Visit ACAF website for more information and register through this link!

Seminar on Strengthening Region-building through Multilevel Governance and Interregional Cooperation: Urban Sustainability through the Arctic Mayors’ Forum: Part 1

Monday 15 November 2021, 10:00-16:00
Venue: Hybrid (Santa Claus Hotel and online)

Most of the population in the Arctic live in urban or urbanizing towns and cities, yet, as Mayors in the Arctic and High North have averred, municipalities have no voice in the politically constituted organization that is supposed to represent the Arctic and steer its development and environmental security --that is the Arctic Council. The lack of inclusion of Arctic municipalities in the work of the Arctic Council is one of the main reasons for the establishment of the Arctic Mayors’ Forum in 2019. Yet, the international and interregional cooperation involving Arctic and northern cities and regions has a history that dates back to the 20th century.

The issues discussed during the seminar include but are not limited to:

  • Platforms supporting cross- and trans-border cooperation between/among the Arctic and northern cities.
    What kinds of challenges are Arctic and Northern cities facing and what has been achieved through multilateral and bilateral cooperation between Arctic, Northern and non-Arctic cities?
  • What are the motivations and aims of the city-level cross-border cooperation?
    How can the Arctic Council accommodate cities in Arctic governance? How Arctic municipalities want to be heard within the Arctic Council?

The event is free of charge and open to anyone interested in the topic. However, pre-registration is needed for both onsite and online participation. Please register here!

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