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    Arctic Youth Forum discusses how to make the Arctic an interesting place to live for young people

    9.11.2017 13:02

    Arctic Youth Forum discusses how to make the Arctic region, especially Finnish Lapland, a lively and interesting place to live and stay for the young generation. The Arctic Youth Forum is a side event of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference. It is organized by young innovative students from the InnoBarentsLab of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The forum will be held on the 13th of November 2017 at 6 pm in Hostel Café Koti, and it is open for everyone.

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    The main Arctic event of Finland’s centenary will start in Rovaniemi

    8.11.2017 12:45

    The international Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference takes place in Rovaniemi next week. This is the most important Arctic event of Finland’s centenary year, and it is closely linked to Finland’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council.

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  • Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference seeks answers to questions of Arctic identity

    31.10.2017 15:19

    It is estimated that about four million people live in the Arctic. According to Finland’s Arctic strategy, the whole country is an Arctic one. What actually makes an Arctic identity? What does it mean for those who live in the Arctic, and who can define if someone is an Arctic person or not?

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  • Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit seeks solutions for the well-being and education of young people in the Arctic region

    31.10.2017 13:36

    The Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference in Rovaniemi on November 14-16 will discuss the UN's sustainable development goals from the Arctic perspective. One of the goals is quality education and it is discussed at the conference, especially from the point of view of the specific challenges in the Arctic region. The theme is interwoven to the Finnish chairmanship of the Arctic Council where education is one of the priorities.

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  • Who has the right to use the Arctic land?

    31.10.2017 13:24

    Ethical guidelines on the use of Arctic land and landscape reveal a lot about the values and principles at play. Whose values are they, and is it possible to put the ethical guidelines into practice? How successful is the coordination of different types of land use in the Arctic? Is there enough information and political will to reconcile the different interests, and what are the major challenges?

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    How can science help to achieve the UN sustainable development goals in the Arctic?

    31.10.2017 13:10

    The Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), adopted by the UN in 2015, are global and they apply even to the Arctic region. The Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference held in Rovaniemi on 14-16 November 2017 discusses how science can have a concrete impact on the achievement of sustainable development in the Arctic.

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    Rovaniemi conference connects the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the Arctic

    10.5.2017 16:09

    The Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference on November 14-16th, 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland offers an opportunity to reflect on Arctic cooperation and its future. The main theme of the conference is how to bring the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Arctic science, policy and economy. Thus the Conference takes further one of the key guiding lines in the Finnish Chairmanship program for the Arctic Council.

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