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Upcoming on Wednesday 15 Nov 2023: An indigenous youth perspective on Arctic climate interventions


In this session, young and indigenous representatives whose voices have until now scarcely been heard will share their perspective on the potential role of climate intervention in the Arctic.

Climate intervention or geoengineering, are highly controversial and often fuel polarized debates, particularly within the Arctic context. Typically, discussions on climate interventions are held by influential academic figures, who express their views on whether or not such measures should be considered. However, this approach risks perpetuating historical colonial patterns and neglects the perspectives of those whose interests are most affected: the local and indigenous populations, particularly young people.

– It is time for us to bring decolonialism as part of Arctic climate change conversation, so we can tackle climate change ethically and fairly. Respecting Indigenous Peoples’ rights must be at the core of climate change politics.” says Anni-Sofia Niittyvuopio, Chair of Youth Council of Sámi Parliament in Finland.

Stepping away from the science and engineering questions, this session will thereby focus on issues of justice, ethics, acceptability, consent, and decolonization of climate action and discuss if and how research into these topics might be properly conducted.

– It is extremely important to have indigenous voices and representation involved in the discussions about climate interventions. I hope that in the panel we will be able to talk about the ethical issues concerning the climate interventions in order to get more people aware of these challenges. I wish this could be a solid beginning for a transparent cooperation between different actors. says Lotta Hagelin, Operaatio Arktis, when discussing expectations for the session.

The full panel consists of:
• Lotta Hagelin, Operaatio Arktis, A youth-led science communication project based in Finland with the objective to preserve the Arctic sea ice
• Åsa Larsson Blind, vice-president of the Saami Council.
• Iluuna Sørensen, Climate activist, Greenland
• Anni-Sofia Niittyvuopio, Chair of Youth Council of Sámi Parliament in Finland.

For more information about the session
Albert van Wijngaarden

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