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    Regional cooperation and the future of Arctic cities

    17.11.2017 21:54

    Although cities have a great role in achieving sustable goals, the regional and local authorities are often not invited to the debates. Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit gave space to the Arctic city council members, mayors, and governors to discuss the future of the Arctic.

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    Quality education can foster diversity

    17.11.2017 14:07

    Culturally sustainable education in the Arctic needs to include indigenous and local knowledge. School must enable the children to adapt to the multiple changes taking place, yet learn to embrace their own culture.

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    Local knowledge is the strength of Arctic media

    16.11.2017 22:35

    The way Arctic regions are portrayed in mainstream media is seldom accurate. Exoticism and conflicts bring more clicks than in-depth stories about the life in the North. ​The panellists at the Arctic Media session at the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit all agreed that local and regional media serve an important purpose for the people in the Arctic.

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    Well-being of the future Arctic generations

    16.11.2017 22:28

    Thursday morning panel on Well-being among Young People in the Arctic began with a set of sobering health statistics. There are many disparities in health between countries and regions, between indigenous and non-indigenous populations and between rural and urban areas, but the general view is grim.

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    Sustainable modes of land use from the perspective of users’ interests

    16.11.2017 16:13

    Is it possible to reconcile the interests of all users of the land? Whose priorities are the most important? The heated discussion emerged at the panel “Sustainable development and modes of land use: reconciliation of different land users' interests”. The session gave floor to researchers and various stakeholders having interest in land use modes such as mining, forestry and reindeer herding.

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    Sustainable bioeconomy – how to ensure the responsible use of natural resources in the Arctic?

    16.11.2017 15:54

    "Because of the multiple expectations and pressures towards the region, fostering the resilience of the natural and social systems of the Arctic is more and more important" – said Jari Leppä, Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, in his video greeting launching one of the first panel discussions of the second day of the Arctic Spirit Conference, "Resilience and sustainable bioeconomy in the Arctic". What do we mean by the resilent Arctic bioeconomy and how can we strengthen it?

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    UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic region – economy, science, and the next generations

    15.11.2017 22:14

    The panel discussions held on the first day of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference focused on the three aspects of the implementation of seventeen United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic region. From defining the most sustainable path of the economic growth to contributions and needs of the science to youth's understanding of the sustainable future, discussions brought important answers to questions crucial for the Arctic and the globe.

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    Striving for a sustainable Arctic

    15.11.2017 22:05

    The need of innovative approaches in combining the economic, environmental and social aspects of life and development in the Arctic came up repeatedly during the first sessions of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference.

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    New exhibition in Arktikum presents Finnish Arctic expertise

    10.11.2017 9:00

    In Arktikum Science Centre, a new exhibition called Arctic Expo 2017 will be opened to the public on November 15, 2017. The exhibition showcases the expertise and know-how of Finland in Arctic related technologies. In the exhibition, the visitor can learn how the Arctic is present in our daily lives and why Finland has world leading companies developing Arctic technologies and products.

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    Arctic Youth Forum discusses how to make the Arctic an interesting place to live for young people

    9.11.2017 13:02

    Arctic Youth Forum discusses how to make the Arctic region, especially Finnish Lapland, a lively and interesting place to live and stay for the young generation. The Arctic Youth Forum is a side event of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference. It is organized by young innovative students from the InnoBarentsLab of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The forum will be held on the 13th of November 2017 at 6 pm in Hostel Café Koti, and it is open for everyone.

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